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Orthodontics in Henderson
Orthodontics in Henderson

Orthodontics are devices that straighten teeth, which gives you a great smile and improves your dental heath. Our orthodontists provide each patient with personalized, gentle care.

Our orthodontic services are for children, adolescents and adults.

Our orthodontists take X-rays of your teeth, examine your gums, check your jawbone structure and note your pre-existing dental work. They then work with you to come up with a treatment plan to best straighten your teeth.

There are many different types of braces these days: clear aligners, invisible, metal, ceramic and micro devices.

Traditional braces are metal brackets (stainless steel) that are affixed to teeth. Wires are threaded through slots in the brackets to gently move the teeth into the correct position in increments. The wires hold to the brackets via tiny rubber bands.

Patients should see their orthodontist and 89014 dentist periodically to have their braces tightened and adjusted in small degrees. After the recommended time to straighten the teeth has been reached, our orthodontists will gently remove the braces.

Aligners are clear, thin, plastic-like trays that are custom made to move teeth into the correct position. Aligners are removable, which means patients are responsible for putting in their aligners and taking them out (for brushing/Sunseting).

Different sets of aligners are created to move teeth, and are switched out after several weeks. Each set of aligners usually moves teeth a fraction of a millimeter at a time. The number of aligners that people have to wear depends on their orthodontic problem and correction.

While its common for teens to wear braces to straighten out their teeth, adults are also wearing braces on their teeth these days. This may be because they didn’t get a chance to wear them as teens.

The important thing to remember is that it is never too late to have straight teeth. You’ll feel better about yourself with a better-looking smile, and, from a dental standpoint, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy.

To earn more about braces for yourself or a loved one, please call 702-550-1147 to make an appointment with one of our experienced orthodontists today.

I'm usually pressed for time in the mornings, and I appreciate how Invisalign doesn't slow me down. I just pop out the aligners, brush my teeth and pop 'em back in.

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