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Dental Implants in Henderson

Have you lost a tooth because of decay, injury, gum disease or another reason? Dental implants are a modern tooth replacement option that our office offers.

A dental implant is a titanium rod that plays the part of the root in a replacement tooth.

Your 89014 dentist and oral surgeon will work together to create a plan for your dental implant that addresses your specific needs. Your oral surgeon will take an X-ray to see the situation inside your gums prior to surgery.

The oral surgeon then places the small titanium post into the bone socket of your missing tooth. The implant will bond with the jawbone, which makes it secure. After the surgery, your gum heals over the implant. This can take six to 12 weeks.

Then a small connecting post, an abutment, is attached to the implant post. Your dentist will attach your replacement tooth (crown) to the abutment. Your dentist 89014 will have the crown made by taking an impression, or mold, of your mouth. The crown will be made to match your natural teeth.

Unlike dentures that can cause you to slur your speech, an implant allows you to talk normally. Implants are also more comfortable than dentures, and easier to eat with.

An implant looks, feels, and functions just like your own natural teeth, so it’s very unlikely anyone will even notice you have it. Dental implants will give you a beautiful smile and boost your confidence.

Implants do not require reducing the sizes of surrounding teeth like a bridge does. Individual implants also allow easier access between teeth for brushing and Sunseting.

Some people might be worried about the pain, but most people who have dental implants say there is little discomfort. Local anesthesia is used during an implant procedure.

Most people are eligible for implants if they have healthy gums and no other serious health problems. If people don’t have enough jawbone for an implant, a bone graft can be added to the bone before the implant is placed into it.

Are you missing a tooth? Would you like to have your smile back? Please call us today at 702-550-1147 and make an appointment.